Ongoing projects:

  • Park Construction on Rike Territory (area: 60,000 m2)
  • Music Hall and Exhibit Hall
  • Tbilisi Sea recreational zone rehabilitation


Completed projects:

  • Tunnel on Gelovani Ave. (length: 150 m)
  • Underground Parking for 320 vehicles
  • Drainage systems rehabilitation in Avlabari district (Jorbenadze St.)
  • Construction of tunnel along Mtkvari  river in Avlabari (length: 800 m)
  • Partial rehabilitation of existing tunnel in Avlabari (length: 1850 m)
  • Rehabilitation of stormwater system and road of the University str. (length: 3,225 m)  
  • Rehabilitation of Digmula river bridge (length: 70 m)    
  • Development of stormwater system on Kairo Street (length: 3,884 m)
  • Rehabilitation of stormwater system and road on Mukhrani Street (length: 1,400 m)
  • Rehabilitation of stormwater system Navtlugi str. (654 m)
  • Rehabilitation of stormwater system at Paata Saakadze str. (544 m)
  • Rehabilitation of drainage system at Varketili district (244 m)
  • Road rehabilitation of Java Str. (length: 426 m)
  • Stormwater network rehabilitation on Balanchini Str. (375 m)
  • Construction of retaining wall along the Police office in Digomi district (135 m)
  • Rehabilitation of ramp on Baratashvili st. (area: 3,500 m2)
  • Construction of stormwater & drainage systems of Agmashenebeli Ave. and nereby streets: (Kvinitadze Str. Dgebuadze str, Pasteri str, Abashidze str, St. Beterburg str, Marjanishvili str, Uznadze str.)
  • Residential Building on Black sea Str.
  • Commercial Building (area: 4,400 m2)
  • Drainage water tunnel (Small Khevdzmara) (length: 240 m)
  • Drainage water collector (Big Khevdzmara) (length: 130 m)
  • Drainage systems rehabilitation on Tsabadze str.